About Finch

About Finch

Finch Soluções was founded in 2013 with the disruptive potential to revolutionize processes and activities related to mass litigation (case volume) at the largest law firm in Brazil (JBM Advogados), enhancing its productivity and efficiency.



With prodigious legal know-how and impressive analytic thinking, Finch develops intelligent solutions to automate and integrate processes and specialized consulting that manage information and contribute toward gains in strategic performance.


Our Solutions

We deliver intelligent solutions for our clients to elevate their productivity and quality, but above all, we build solid relationships based on mutual collaboration to overcome challenges and improve results.


Process Automation

Intelligent Processes

If a company’s daily activities, whether repetitive or not, are noncompliant with standards and do not control for deadlines, responsibilities, sequencing and interdependence, its business is undoubtedly suffering and it may even be taking losses.

Gracco – Legal Proceeding Management


Efficient management goes hand-in-hand with integration. Different systems that cannot interact are useless, since the benefit of speeding up processes is lost without dialog among platforms.



The e-BPO concept is providing automated services involving relevant information and document management, with the following added benefits.