We provide you with highly relevant information enabling strategies to be developed that can significantly reshape the entire context of your organization

Our platform was created to capture, store, process, update and transfer data from law firms and law departments quickly, intelligently, and securely. It can help you achieve major productivity and performance gains at rates in excess 35%, while lowering operating costs.

You can purchase products individually or the entire integrated system.

Finch Firm
A system that automatically and smartly enables complete management of your law firm’s proceedings, from start to finish.
Finch Corporate
An automated environment that provides the legal department with control over proceedings, including status updates and court documents, legal stages, commitments, scheduling, publications, and managerial/strategic reports.

Finch Streamline Workflow

You can also choose the conveyor belt option, a model lets you optimize work flows so that your employees can focus on their jobs, with considerable productivity gains, control over SLAs, among other benefits.